Diligent Kids Academy Policy

Our School Policies are tailored to ensure that our children are raised morally and spiritually

Pupils are expected to observe all codes of behavior laid down by the School and to show care and consideration towards others. Jewellery, expensive toys, games, electronic gadgets/phones and money are not permitted in School. In common with normal educational policy this School reserves the right of expulsion for grave acts of misdemeneanor, in such cases School fees will not be refunded.

School Rules & Regulations

Children are expected to obey the rules and regulations of the school as spelt out in the policy.

Truancy Not Tolerated

No child should leave the school compound during school hours without a permission letter from the head-teacher or supervisor.

Care for Environment

Schools’ personal belongings must be well-cared for and respected

Be Well-behaved

Appropriate and respectful behaviour must be shown to everyone in the school by children.

Respect Teachers

All teachers must be addressed by their right titles and surname.

Food & Drinks

Food and drinks should be taken in the classroom and litter should be dropped in the bin.

No Gadgets Allowed

Items such as game players or phones should not be brought to school.


Children are expected to be in school on or before 7:45am daily. School gate will be closed at 8:15am