The curriculum at Diligent Kids Academy is rich and integrated.

We run Nigeria/ British curriculum from Basic one (1) to six (6), while we adopt the British system of education from Pre-nursery to Nursery two (2) and Basic one (1) to six (6).

The curriculum of the Junior Secondary School (JSS) is both prevocational and academic. It includes all of the basic subjects which enable students to acquire knowledge and skills on which they can build. In line with the Federal Ministry of Education’s directive.


The curriculum has a special emphasis on literacy and communication skills in both the general and Islamic education.

After school professional development sessions to tackle particular professional training are being carried out.

Director of Learning conducts class visits and advises according to specific observations and ensures adherence to curriculum objectives, school values and policies.

Most of the students display positive and serious attitude towards learning. The academic performance of the students is generally above average.

Teachers are willing to undergo training for hands-on learning.

The school has adequate learning materials that encourage students’ participation and assimilation.

There is much emphasis on formative assessment rather than summative assessment to ensure students’ progress.

“To build a better nation, the education of our children must be of good quality. Teachers are the success of this mission. We all owe it to the education of our children…” – Japhet Johnson

Pre-School Subjects:

  • Mathematical Development
  • Communication & Language
  • Literacy
  • Personal, Social & Emotional Development
  • Physical Development
  • Expressive Arts & Design
  • Knowledge & Understanding of the World
  • Spiritual Development

Primary School Subjects:

  • Mathematics
  • Literacy
  • Social Studies
  • Science & Technology
  • Physical & Health Education
  • Islamic Religious Knowledge
  • Arts, Design & Technology
  • Computer Studies
  • Quantitative Reasoning
  • Verbal Reasoning

Islamiyyah School Subjects:

  • Arabic Literacy & Communication
  • Quran Recitation & Memorization
  • Hadith
  • Fiqh

Extra Curricula Programmes

In our strive and commitment to provide world class education to children, Diligent Kids Academy offers a wide range of extra curricula activities designed and aimed at educating the child beyond the four walls of the classroom and providing life skills for leadership and entrepreneurship.


These are driven by academic course work and are also meant to expose and broaden our pupils’ horizon.

Community Service

We imbibe the spirit of serving the community through our annual Community Day Programme where pupils go out of the school into a community to do active service.

Public Speaking

The art of public speaking is also instituted in our pupils. Each child is given the opportunity to face the crowd and camera to deliver a speech.

After School Clubs

Some of these clubs are: Homemakers Club, Lego Builders Club, Karate Club, Nature Builders Club, Craft Club, Jewelry Club, Etiquette Club, Techie Club, Literacy and Debating Club, Basketball Club, Drama Club, Table Tennis Club, Sewing Club. These clubs are facilitated by external professional instructors who train the pupils every week.