Welcome to the Careers Section of Diligent Kids Avademy. We look forward to you been part of the family.

It takes dedication. Every person in Diligent Kids Academy is required to deliver the best performance at all times. With the quality of pupils we attract, your best will be brought out, from day one.

We promote excellence and reward people based on performance. The rewards don’t end there. We offer an environment safe from discrimination which allows individuals to optimize their potentials.
We continuously look for people who share our vision to join in realizing our objectives. This will be academically rigorous, intellectually demanding, and can be physically tough but insha’Allah if you are up to it, you will enjoy it.

For Teaching Staff

 Minimum of a Bachelors Degree in a discipline related to the subjects you wish to teach;
 Proficiency in the use of MS Office Applications, especially, Word, Excel and PowerPoint
 Ability to use the Internet for research purposes
 Ability to read the Qur’an
 Good written and oral Communication skills

The following will be additional advantage

 Advanced university degrees
 Fluency in Arabic Language
 History of voluntary participation in community development
 Professional qualifications and certification in any field, such as ACCA, PMP, CMA, OCP e.t.c.

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